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Comprehensive Course on the Radium Sampler


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This video series is the companion to the Soundminer V5 Pro Tutorials and covers the built in sampler Radium. It assumes at least basic knowledge of Soundminer. If you're interested in diving deep into Soundminer, please see the other tutorial series in my store.

My intention is to continue to post update videos as new features are added to Radium. If you decide to purchase, please make sure to subscribe to the newsletter on checkout to receive updates of additional videos being posted.

The download for this tutorial is a 10.5gb .Zip file. The site incorrectly lists the size above the 'Add to Cart' button.

The user license for this course covers only a single user to download and view these materials. If you represent a company or educational institution and are interested in a site license, please contact me through this site, I'm happy to try to work out some arrangement.

This course, far too long in the planning and making, covers nearly everything in Radium, the sampler built into Soundminer.

You may download the first set of six videos that comprise chapter 01 for free from the following link to evaluate. The remaining chapters and bonus files are only available for purchase through this website.


This course contains over 50 videos, totaling over 14 hours of instruction.

From beginner to expert, this course will teach you all you need to know about this powerful sampler Radium. From loading sounds, layering, pitching, key mapping, modulating, recording and saving patches, we'll dive deep into every nook and cranny in this amazing program. As I add videos in the future as Soundminer continues to evolve, I will send out links to the new videos, please subscribe during checkout to receive these updates.

Each video is relatively self-contained and contains both chapter markers and English captions (which aren't perfect but mostly pretty solid).

Please see the outline of included topics and running times below:


01A Introduction - 02:41

01B History of Synths and Samplers - 09:24

01C Why Radium? - 06:26

01D The Radium Window Layout - 10:31

01E The Quick Crash Course - 32:51

01F Customizing Radium - 17:37

01G The Bonus Files - 07:45

02A The Sample Slots - 13:01

02B The Slot Commands - 06:00

02C Gain and ADSHR - 08:14

02D Pitch Scrub and Tuning - 21:53

02E The Top Bar - 11:38

02F The Transfers Area - 14:19

02G The XY Joystick - 06:28

03A The Menus - 18:43

03B The Preset Manager - 08:14

03C Patches versus Presets - 06:13

03D Radium Regions versus Single Files - 15:02

03E Composite Audio Files - 07:01

03F One More Thing - 05:04

04A Sample Waveform - 14:01

04B Note Mapping and Loop Modes - 23:05

04C Envelope Basics - 17:19

04D LFO TSE and Timelines - 25:02

04E The Modulation Section - 14:21

04F Sources and Destinations - 47:23

05A The FX Rack - 05:04

05B Examples of Various Effects - 29:24

05C Loading Plugins into the FX Rack - 11:48

05D Linking the FX and DSP Racks - 10:29

05E Slot Recording versus Stem Recording - 14:20

05F Sidechain Examples - 15:07

06A Design Example Wind - 31:34

06B Design Example Water - 20:24

06C Design Example Relays - 07:49

06D Design Example Whistles - 19:35

06E Design Example Thunder - 17:12

06F Design Example Jet Car - 32:30

06G Design Example Power Downs - 24:05

06H Design Example Creatures - 27:12

06I Design Example Jalopy - 11:38

07A All About MIDI and Controllers - 16:57

07B Using the IAC Bus - 05:36

07C Using Sonic Logic - 22:40

07D Radium AAX Plugin - 16:38

07E Using AudioSwift - 13:52

07F Using Radium to Work to Picture - 19:40

08A Auto Embedded Radium Settings - 11:32

08B Render and Spot to DAW - 17:21

08C Keyboard Maestro and Apple Events - 19:23

08D Metagrid - 17:43

08E Don't Fear the Reaper - 14:39

09 All the Things I Missed - 11:44

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