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Comprehensive Course on Soundminer V5 Pro

If you encounter problems decompressing this file on Windows, please download 7Zip and use that to decompress the file. https://www.7-zip.org

Please note that this course does NOT cover the sampler, Radium, that is built into Soundminer. There is a second set of tutorials that provide nearly 15 hours of instruction just on Radium.

My intention is to continue to post update videos as new features are added to Soundminer. If you decide to purchase, please make sure to subscribe to the newsletter on checkout to receive updates of additional videos being posted.

The download for this tutorial is a 9.7gb .zip file. The site incorrectly lists the size above the 'Add to Cart' button.

The user license for this course covers only a single user to download and view these materials. If you represent a company or educational institution and are interested in a site license, please contact me through this site, I'm happy to try to work out some arrangement.

This course, months in the planning and making, covers nearly everything in Soundminer V5 Pro for Mac (and most of the topics will also apply to many other versions of Soundminer and the PC versions as well).

You may download the first set of chapters (00 and 01) for free from the following link to evaluate. The remaining chapters and bonus files are only available for purchase through this website.


This course contains over 50 videos, totaling over 15 hours of instruction.

From beginner to expert, this course will teach you all you need to know about this powerful audio asset program. From scanning sounds, editing metadata, spotting files to your DAW, we cover it all. As I add videos in the future as Soundminer continues to evolve, I will send out links to the new videos, please subscribe during checkout to receive these updates.

Each video is relatively self-contained and contains both chapter markers and English captions (which aren't perfect but mostly pretty solid).

Please see the outline of included topics and running times below:


00 Introduction - 04:58

00 Overview of the Tutorials - 10:51

00 The Included Bonus Files - 11:37

01a Overview of the Soundminer Window - 04:03

01b Auditioning Options - 05:01

01c The Quick Crash Course - 23:24

01d Customizing the Look of Soundminer - 10:23

02a Working with Records - 11:14

02b Working with Databases - 15:12

02c Working with Columns - 25:24

02d Common Metadata Fields - 20:46

03a Application Support Folder - 06:15

03b Freelance Mode - 05:10

04a How to Find Things - 23:27

04b The Left and Right Panels - 26:49

05a Relinking, Watched Folders and Live Relink - 18:10

05b Right Click Menu and Embedding Metadata - 26:07

06a The Waveform Browser - 36:29

06b Spotting to a DAW - 46:19

07a Other Soundminer Windows - 08:15

07b MetaTags and MultiMetaTags - 15:56

07c The Spellchecker - 16:02

07d The Mirror Function - 17:45

07e Composite Audio Files - 08:03

08a Spotting Strategies - 03:45

08b The Spotting Panel - 33:19

08c Tag to Database - 16:28

09a The General Preferences - 25:29

09b The Rest of the Preferences - 12:24

10a The Edit Menu Items - 27:39

10b The Database Menu Items - 11:43

10c The Rest of the Menus - 12:11

11a Editing Metadata - 12:41

11b The Workflow Window - 10:31

11c The Workflow Actions - 1:14:03

11d Using Field Build - 25:26

11e Additional Workflow Actions - 12:53

11f Compound Workflow Examples - 20:19

12 The DSP (VST) Rack - 35:13

13a Import and Export and Remerge - 22:17

13b Audition Level - 02:09

13c The Hammer and Wrench Menu- 18:00

13d Process Scripts - 11:32

13e Channel Layout and iXML Track Layout - 40:34

13f Using M/S Files in Soundminer - 08:47

13g Metadata Lookup from the Cloud - 06:59

13h The New OpenTier Field- 06:54

13i Auto Suggest and Auto Complete - 11:30

14 UCS in Soundminer - 37:24

15 The Things I Missed - 21:13

16 Keyboard Maestro and Metagrid Bonus Files - 11:51

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